About David


While finding the perfect words to describe fatherhood may be a challenge to some, David Manuel found voices that did just that.  Inside the testimonials of his self-published book, “I am a Father, Celebrating African-American Fathers”, Manuel displays famous fathers at their most vulnerable – in love with their children, in the most important role of their lives – Father.  “But far too many children haven’t experience that type of fatherly love. They get lost. They lose hope.” I hope this book gives every father, every man a mirror to reflect upon himself and his power to change the world – through his life with his children.”

Manuel, a champion of the arts, a compassionate community activist, and a solid example of fatherhood to his three college enrolled children, merged his passions into this dynamic undertaking. In his applause of African-American fathers, “I am a Father”, takes the stories of Sidney Poitier, Morgan Freeman, Ossie Davis, Yung Joc, Ryan Cameron and many others as shining examples of the power of a father’s presence.  Raised by a single mother, Manuel’s experience without his father inspired the book, not only in celebration of loving fathers, but most importantly as an advocate for children.  You’ll recognize many featured in Manuel’s book, but its core message reaches across fame, money and position to all fathers, of all nationalities, for all occasions.  Manuel, followed up with his second book I am a Mother, which celebrates the power of motherhood told thru the eyes of mothers such as Actress Jasmine Guy, Robin Roberts, Nia Long and so many others.  

Manuel and his wife Karren spend their time working on programs and projects that benefits the masses. Their latest venture which will launch at the end of this year is marriage building program that will assist in strengthening the relationship between husband and wife.  With online experts available 24 hours a day to answer the most delicate questions and retreats and workshop – this program is sure to maximize the possibilities to having a perfect marriage.  So whether it is teaching our youths about life skills, or speaking on a panel about men’s health and fatherhood or just working to strengthening the family module – Manuel is committed to making an impact in the lives of others and strives to strengthen the entire family one act at a time.